Gumbies Slippers review.

by Harry
Blue Gumbies slippers logo

Gumbies Slippers review

Alright everyone, calm down. Look, I know a lot has been happening in the world. There’s been a pandemic, Brexit, and a new US President. And there was something about a rocket falling back to Earth, I don’t know. These are all perfectly important things, but I know each and every one of you have been gagging for another instalment in my Slippers SagaTM so I am delighted to offer an update, and a review of my brand new Gumbies Slippers.

Blue Gumbies slippers crossed from above
Crossing slippers is as artistic as I’m willing to get.

Very Important Slippers Update

So I had the unenviable task of deciding what slippers to buy. This is a big decision, let’s not joke. They need to be slippers that are:

  • Comfortable
  • Snug
  • Warm
  • Good grips
  • Long-lasting

For me, that last one is most important. I can’t be doing with buying slippers every few weeks. And so, according to my logic, if they are long-lasting they are well-made, and so should automatically tick the other criteria.

So after sleepless nights and ponderous days, I opted to go for a pair of Gumbies. These ridiculous-sounding slippers are Australian in origin, which explains the ridiculous-sounding name. They are also wonderfully eco-friendly which helped me decide. I opted for a pair of Gumbies men’s Outback Slippers. This proved to be both a good and bad decision.

Read on, fellow traveller, on my adventures to the Slipper RealmTM

Who the heck is Gumbies anyway?

Gumbies Outback Slippers are sturdy little buggers. Now, it’s not a brand I was familiar with at all before my intensive slipper research began. Their “About” page is the familiar old toot about how inspiration struck the founder to make an amazing product, yadda yadda. But what I really liked was the environmental side of it. This, for me, is what really stood out for Gumbies, compared to other brands.

Whenever you buy something from Gumbies, they plant a mangrove tree. I like this, as you can’t have too many trees these days. Their packaging and products are also created with sustainability in mind. Where they can, recycled materials are used. These are all really big ticks in their box for me.

Blue Gumbies slippers side view with logo
I had to take the laminate up recently and have no idea how to put it back together.

What’s also amazing is what the slippers themselves are made out of. My Outback Slippers insoles are made from 100% Castor Beans. The soles are from recycled rubber. The upper made from 100% PET from post-consumer bottles. The felt used is also all recycled. This is an environmentally and ethically brilliant product. Top marks!

Are Gumbies any good?

So, are Gumbies worth the money? I’m going to say both yes and no, and feel like I’m the Lib Dems in a Spitting Image sketch from the nineties.

First, the no. Due to limited availability, I had to buy Outback Slippers rather than my preference of Brumby Boots. I’m a boot man, you see, and like to have my feet covered, including my heels. The boots do this, but I thought, Harry, you’re still a young man and you can try new things. Go for the heel-less slippers, you might like them!

Reader, I can tell you I am ambivalent, siding towards annoyed with them. I don’t hate them, they just fall off my feet when I have them up. They feel a bit slack because of it. But it’s my fault, as it was my choice. I wish they had the boots in. I’d love to try the boots, I bet they’d be ace.

Blue Gumbies slippers black sole close up
Playdough is not included with the slippers. That’s an add-on extra in our house…

However, every other aspect of these Gumbies are excellent. My feet are soooo toasty in them, and the soles are super sturdy. They are exceptionally well made and feel comfortable. I would wholeheartedly recommend these slippers, and this brand, to anyone happy with their heels on show like a Victorian stripper.

I’d buy Gumbie boots again, but not these slippers myself, but that’s a preference I share with all types of footwear. I don’t like flipflops for that reason, much to the pleasure of everyone.

What next in my slippers journey?

I know, I know. These blogs are like the Game of Thrones books. You wait ages for one, then it’s over, then you have to wait another twenty years for another. But hold tight – if these slippers last twenty years I’ll be singing about it from the hills. Otherwise, when the next instalment of Harry Buys SlippersTM comes along, you can be sure I’ll report here first. You, dear reader, are my reason for being. Love you. xx