The mills family standing on their farm with the fields behind them

Working With A Baby Self Employed

Wondering if it’s possible to keep Working With A Baby? Maybe you are self-employed, maybe you aren’t eligible for mat leave…

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Millie & Roo wearing sunglasses and pulling selfie faces in ummer

How To Entertain A Toddler On Lock Down

Wondering How To Entertain A Toddler On Lock Down? Ok, so my toddler and I are on day 5 now, just the two of us, completely alone! Well apart from the dogs and cats. And to make things even more fun, I am trying to work and keep my Digital Agency

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Baby Plaing on a trike in the garden

How To Work At Home With A Toddler During Coronavirus

If you are newly stuck at home to work and wondering… How To Work At Home With A Toddler During Coronavirus? Here’s how I have been doing it, in the hope it will help you!

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a baby on a bed

The Freelancing Parent

As a freelance writer parent, I find myself working at home with a toddler every day. Now basically, against all the odds, this is brilliant. Let me tell you why.

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Get Back Up written on white pebbles

Good Business Sense

By Jenny Mills. I have so many sayings I have repeated to myself on a daily basis until I literally began to live by them. These little words of wisdom we learn over the years help shape us into better people. I hope they help you too! Good Business Sense doesn’t come from being a

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Inspirational Business Quotes

By Jenny Mills…. Looking for some Inspirational Business Quotes? Or just looking to find coping strategies to keep you at the top of your game? We have to carry ourselves professionally through difficult work and life scenarios. So let’s keep it together! For losing our tempers, bullying others and flying off the handle is a

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