Spend time with your favourite Australian dog

by Harry

Have you heard of Bluey yet? If you have a child somewhere between 3 and 6, chances are you have! But don’t worry if not, there’s plenty of time to get into it, and get into it you should.

It’s a wonderful kids cartoon that weirdly isn’t just for kids. It speaks to adults too and shows how spending time with kids and their imaginative games can be fun for you too. This Australian show is about a dog called Bluey. Is Bluey a boy or a girl? It surprises people that she is a girl, I suppose because she is the colour blue. Immediately we are being shown that making assumptions isn’t always a great idea! 

The show follows the Bluey character and her younger sister Bingo, Mum Chilli and Dad Bandit as they just live their lives, having fun and making the most out of everything. It’s funny and silly, but also so very touching at times. Shedding a tear and finding your heart in your throat at the end of an episode isn’t unusual with this show. 

So there are many lists we could create for Bluey (funniest, weirdest, best Bandit ones…) but we’ve gone for the ones that sucker punch you at the end and turn you into a wailing beast!

Here are the top 5 episodes of Bluey that will have you in tears.

(Special note – the episode numbers change depending on what country you are in as Disney+ does not have some episodes, so just do a search for the episode name). 

5. Take Away ( Season 1)

This was the first episode of Bluey I ever caught, and it absolutely hooked me. It’s nine hectic minutes set in just one location – outside a Chinese takeaway, with a cracking soundtrack. At its heart the episode is about Bluey and Bingo trying to make the most of the time they have to wait for their dad’s spring rolls to cook, but Bandit is too grumpy to really let them have fun. 

It takes a fortune cookie for Bandit to realise that you have to enjoy the now, and that kids aren’t kids forever. Now is the time to play! Something we could all do better, I’m sure. 

4. Sleepytime (Season 2)

We don’t really remember as grown ups, but going to bed as a kid could be tough. We would be in a dark room, and we might have nice dreams, might be not so nice. There is a good chance we might get scared, and come through to our own grown ups’ beds. That’s what Bingo is going through in this episode – all she wants is to wake up in her own bed in the morning.

This is a beautiful episode with minimal dialogue, but an excellent soundtrack consisting of ‘Jupiter’ from Holst’s suite of The Planets (you know the World in Union song from the rugby that time). It shows Bingo in her dreams floating through space, having fun but soon getting cold and alone until the warmth of her mum makes her happy and warm again. Oh I wish I could cuddle this episode!

3. The Pool (season 1)

This is a really funny episode that will resonate with many grown ups! When Bluey and Bingo get to a pool with their Dad, they keep asking if he brought their swim stuff. Well of course he didn’t, he’s Bandit! Fortunately, her mum comes along just when all hope was lost.

But the soft spot in this episode – like all episodes in the top 3 – is the very last shot of Bluey at the bottom of the pool looking up at her parents having a kiss. She’s so happy to see this, and it’s an important lesson to us that kids like seeing their people being affectionate to to others, whether that’s our partners, siblings or close friends. Let’s all cuddle more!

2. Baby Race (Season 2)

When Bingo hears the story about her baby development and learning to walk, her mum Chilli realises that growing up isn’t a race. Comparing how your child develops with other children is a road to disaster.

But again, it’s the last scene. I don’t want to give it away, but it involves the realisation of what drives kids to be the best they can, and what makes them the people they grow up to be. At this young age, they have one focus in their life.

1. Flat Pack (Season 2)

Oooooh my goodness. I’ve watched this episode a dozen times but never really paid attention to it. It was always on in the background whilst I was cooking dinner or mindlessly playing on my phone. The other day the boys were eating and my phone was dead so it got all my attention and I nearly melted at the last scene.

So throughout the episode, Bandit and Chilli are building a flat pack veranda seat swing, whilst Bingo and Bluey play with all the cardboard and foam bits they don’t need. Bingo pretends to be Bluey’s child, and progressively ‘grows up’ through the episode until, at the end, she leaves home (to fly a space ship, of course). This leaves Bluey on her own, all old and not sure what happens next.

I’ll leave it at that, but if the last 30 seconds of this episode leaves you cold without even a flicker of something in your tummy, you must be a rock.  Special note – this episode also contains the immortal quote from Bandit, “I’m not taking advice from a cartoon dog”, which is itself advice I am not taking. And neither should you. We love you, Bandit…!

Bluey Season 3 episode list coming soon!

Those are our top 5 episodes of Bluey to make you cry from Season 1 and 2. They are available to watch on BBC iPlayer and Disney+ in the UK. We’ve only got the first half of Season 3 here in the UK at time of writing. When we have it all, you can expect an update as I”m quite sure there will be more eye-bawlling when it drops! Want to hear more about our thoughts on kids TV shows? Here’s what we think of Mr Tumble!