Help for Ukrainian Refugees

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Offering accommodation, and work & accommodation help

Posh Patter is usually a place for stories and fun, but the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine has made us pause and think about ways we can help. We are horrified by the images coming out of Ukraine of people fleeing their homes. As a result, we’d like to offer some help for Ukrainian refugees looking to come to Scotland. 

Finding accommodation for Ukrainian refugees in Scotland

We are in the fortunate position of being well connected to many businesses and organisations that could offer accommodation to those most in need. Refugees are encouraged to speak with us. We can work directly with our contacts to seek out suitable accommodation in Scotland. 

To request refuge in Scotland, simply contact us or drop us a line on our Facebook page. We will help where we can and try help you find suitable homes. And this applies to singles, couples, families, pets, horses… Whatever your situation, we will reach out and try to help you. And below is a super scheme to help you find work also.

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Work & Accommodation options for Ukrainian refugees

We are also in touch with George Stone of Sutledge Placement Consultants based near Inverness. They usually work to find placements for international students coming to Scotland. They have diverted their efforts to help the Ukrainian people. 

Sutledge Placement Consultants are providing the opportunity for Ukrainians to come to Scotland and to work and live in hotels here. A working week will be around 40-45 hours and the wage will be approximately £9 (10 Euros) per hour. Accommodation at the hotel will cost £50 per week. Those taking up this offer will be asked to stay there at least until 20 September 2022. There is the possibility of being asked to staying longer. 

Ideally, applicants should have a level of speaking and understanding of English. However, placements are available for those who do not. Those who can speak English well could find roles in waitressing and front of house duties. Those who need to learn a bit more English may begin with room cleaning or kitchen duties. 

This offer will be available to 100 Ukrainians aged between 18-35. People outside these ages cannot come to Scotland on this scheme, even if they are children or other relatives of applicants.

How to find a home

So if you are a Ukrainian refugee looking to find somewhere to live in Scotland simply contact us or drop us a line on our Facebook page. We have homes willing to accept pets, families and can help you source local support and work.

How to apply for the Ukrainian Refuge and Work Scheme

Sutledge Placement Consultants are offering guarenteed work and help for Ukrainian refugees. If you are looking for work and accommodation, then filling in this application form will take it to the next stage. Please get in touch with [email protected] of Sutledge Placement Consultants directly with any queries on this scheme.

Read more informatin in Ukrainian.