Blue Gumbies slippers logo

Important Update on my Slippers

Gumbies Outback Slippers are sturdy little buggers. Now, it’s not a brand I was familiar with at all before my intensive slipper research began.

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an old man happy watching Tik Tok videos

Things I have found out about Tik Tok videos

I like to think I’m reasonably confident in using social media. Things like Facebook, Twitter, Insta and LinkedIn I’ve been on for years. But Tik Tok? Man, to a forty-something guy, that’s nearly impenetrable.

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A girl in a busy public place holding her head in her hands and not coping

Self Help and Psychological Wellbeing

Coping with mental illness isn’t easy. But with the right response mechanisms, you can do it.

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bandit header

The Pros and Cons of Wearing a Facemask

Booo to you, coronavirus! Yeah that’s right, you heard me, you smelly pointy ball of poop. We all have to wear facemasks. They have their pros and cons, of course. Let me detail a few for you.

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A sloppy slipper

Serious Question: Where can I find a good pair of slippers?

I’m a pretty calm guy. I don’t get fazed too easily, and generally take things as they come. But see when it comes to a pair of slippers? Well, I demand excellence. A failure in this regard can lead to the manufacturer getting an ass-whoopin’ of tiny proportions, that exclusively takes place in my head.

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Lots of colourful iced doughnuts

Weird celebrations in May in the UK

Welcome to May everybody! May is a nice time in the UK because it’s kinda definitely almost certainly the month when we probably won’t get any more snow for a few months, perhaps. It’s also the time of year when all the crazies start to come out of their homes and make life weird for everyone else.

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A man holding his glass balls

Five Skills To Learn in Lockdown

Lockdown is here, and as I write this, it’s not going away any time soon. So instead of flopping around the house and looking at all the stuff I should be doing, like paint the wall and weed the garden, I thought it would be much more useful to learn lockdown skills that will make me look cool in front of my kids. And by kids I mean mirror. And by mirror I mean strangers in the pub.

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Pregant woman hunched in bed with morning sickness

Coping With Severe Morning Sickness

By Jenny Mills. Well, if your pregnancy(ies) are anything like mine, you’re wondering how to survive another hour let alone a day. And I support you! Coping with severe morning sickness, whilst trying to maintain a normal life… Oh, and not letting on that you are pregnant (in the early stages) is pretty much impossible!

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