Elmer's Slime Starter Pack review

by Harry
Harry and the boys play with slime with the POSH Patter logo and the word 'slime' on screen.

Elmer’s Slime Starter Pack review

Remember in Ghostbusters when Peter Venkman got covered in slime by Slimer? Well, how would you also like to get covered in slime, except it’s in small bits all over your hand and with glue there too and then it goes all over your table and clothes and the boy’s clothes too and hair and then you end up with some kind of slop you can’t get out of anything? You would?! Well oh boy, have I got the product for you!! In this blog and associated video I will unbox and review Elmer’s Slime Starter Pack with my two boys because I thought it would be fun at the time. You can buy your own slime on Amazon or somewhere else, probably.

TL:DR – It was messy but easy to make, I didn’t think much of it but it kept the boys very happy for a day which is the main thing. It then ended up on a dog blanket which I’m probably going to have to throw out now. Thanks, Elmer’s.

The contents of Elmer's Slime starter pack
This is what you get in the pack.

What is slime anyway?

So if you are wondering what is slime anyway? I am here to tell you that I still have no bloody idea. Some kind of gloop that you can pull and stretch and what-have-you. When I opened the Elmer’s Slime Starter Pack, out fell the following:

2 x bottles of glue, like the sort you used to get at school

2 x bottles of magic liquid (no idea either)

4 x glitter glue sticks

The instructions, I discovered, were on the back of the box. They told me that into a container, you add the glitter to the glue and give it a good stir. Then, you add the magic liquid and hey presto – some kind of goop eventually forms!

Was it fun?

The boys had a good time making and playing with the slime. It kept them busy and entertained, and that’s all I really wanted. It was also really simple to do – just adding two ingredients and some glitter for decoration. And they continued to play with the slime for the rest of the day and the next morning, until it went mysteriously missing. I then found it wrapped up in a dog blanket so I think I’ll have to chuck that now…

They enjoyed mixing in the glitter and stirring the gloop. It was a fun activity to do together. I’d certainly recommend putting on an apron or some old clothes, but then again an idiot could have told you that. I did not do that, but fortunately everything washed out fine as I put it straight into the washer at 40°.

the contents of Elmer's Slime starter pack Elmer's Slime starter pack
A different, and perhaps slightly more artistic view of what you get in the Elmer’s slime starter pack.

Worth a buy?

If you are a grownup, I probably would not recommend this as a form of entertainment, unless you have done every other form of entertainment imaginable. Buy some slippers instead. It’s weird and a bit boring. I found this out all by myself. However, if you are a kid, this stuff appears to be awesome! It’s a cool thing to do with young kids together, or once older they can make it up themselves. Like a chemistry kit, I guess.

So yes, I’d recommend Elmer’s Slime Starter Kit for a fun afternoon with kids. Buy your pack on Amazon here. Just make sure they keep it away from anything valuable…!