Gofindit is the best outdoor card game for kids you don't know about...yet

by Harry

Gofindit outdoor nature treasure hunt card game for families

Our kids love the outdoors. This is a good thing, as it means they can run around and expend all of their substantial energy there, and not in our livingroom. We’re lucky to live in a country with so much outdoor space, including parks, woodland and coastal areas. Recently, the clever wifey found a way to encourage even more child engagement from being outdoors, and that is the gofindit outdoor nature treasure hunt card game for families. 

Here’s a review of these cards, as we’ve been using them for a few months now. I should let you know that I’m in no way sponsored or paid to write this review because – spoiler alert – I think they are bloody brilliant. 

Our review is below, and here’s a quick video to show them in action!

What are gofindit cards?

These are a pack of cards, presented in a cute little cloth bag, from the Sensory Trust. Each card has something printed on them your kid has to go find. For example, a card might say ‘green’, and so we have to find something green around us like grass or a green wall. That’s an easy one though – it gets trickier with concepts like ‘rough’ and things that go ‘snap!’. 

Our eldest absolutely adores them. Not only do they help keep him moving and avoid us trudging around a walk at toddler speed, he really gets in and about nature! He was soon able to read the cards himself and go off trying to find something in the woods. He now shouts “great finding!” every time he gets it right which, to be fair, is adorable. 

mother and son playing gofindit next to a log with a card saying 'rough'.
Finding something results in “Great finding!”! 🙂

What is available?

There are two card deck options available, and we have them both. 

The original gofindit cards are great for starting out with and learning what to do. The things to find on them are pretty easy to grasp, like objects that are heavy, or are red. The gofindit too cards are slightly more advanced, but not a massive leap. These cards ask for things that are slimy or old. There’s no reason not to have both packs and just mix them together. 

Kids can either go and find one thing at a time together, or make it a competition and get them to find five different things as quickly as possible. 

A boy choosing a gofindit card
There are loads of different cards, so the game can last all day!

Who are the cards for?

These cards are great for kids over 3 years old (or younger but with a lot more adult help). It’s a way to get children really looking at the world about them, and encouraging them to use all their senses including smell, touch, hearing and sight. 

Rather than walks being a plod around a track, they suddenly become an exciting adventure of discovery, giving children brain food which is just as important as any other! 

Do I recommend gofindit cards?

I hugely, highly and unambiguously recommend buying these cards. Not only will children enjoy them, but proceeds from buying them will also go towards the work of the Sensory Trust which helps connect people of all ages and abilities with natural spaces and places. This is a purchase you won’t regret. 

So in conclusion, I’m glad we don’t live somewhere with poisonous spiders that will fall on your head and crocodiles that might eat you up. The worst we can get is a skelf or a nettle sting. That means we can all make the most of being outdoors and whip out a packet of these cards next time and watch the kids run around excitedly. The gofindit outdoor nature treasure hunt card game for families is a perfect way to enjoy being together outside.