Man coughing with coronavirus

What Is It Like To Have Coronavirus?

What is it like to have coronavirus? We have been told we are all going to catch it in the coming few months. So when my husband caught it, I thought maybe I could help you prepare for what is to come. So here is my day-by-day coronavirus diary…

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Eco Baby written in sand with a child nearby

Bringing Up An Ecobaby

As father of two kids, I often look back and dream of being so forward looking on the vasectomy front (JOKE! I love my kids please don’t send hate mail). Whilst I care deeply for the environment, I don’t agree we should all just stop reproducing and wait for death. However, I do believe we can all take measures to make our lives more environmentally friendly, and introduce our kids to this concept from the start.

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an old lady with sway and a golden top hat

5 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Suck Ass

New Year’s resolutions are rubbish, and here I will lay out before the court five completely unscientific and unproven reasons as to why this is.

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Jenny sitting on holiday reading on the edge of an infinity pool

Here Are My Top Five Books

If you love a good read then this blog is for you as I run through my top ten books. Here I wanted to share with you my most memorable reads to date. 1. The Shardlake Series First off in top spot of my all-time favourite reads, is the epic Shardlake Series by C.J. Samson’s.

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A lone girl standing in the rain with her umbrella

Facebook Makes You Lonely

Recently I have been coming to the conclusion that Facebook makes you lonely. Well, social media makes me feel lonely anyway. Yet being called “social” media, does that not mean that it should be doing the opposite for us? Making us feel involved? Making us feel social?

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