A toddler sitting on a potty in the garden... yes, the garden!

How to Potty Train… The Truth

By Jenny Mills. Is that a toddler sitting on a potty in the garden? I hear you ask! Yes, it is. It seems I’m not as perfect as Gina Ford and all the other bloggers and journalists teaching us how to potty train. But we have pretty much cracked it. And here’s how: So, my

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Baby Plaing on a trike in the garden

How To Work At Home With A Toddler During Coronavirus

If you are newly stuck at home to work and wondering… How To Work At Home With A Toddler During Coronavirus? Here’s how I have been doing it, in the hope it will help you!

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happy kids singing

The Top 5 Wiggles Videos

Here I present before the court my top 5 Wiggles songs (that my boy can’t stop dancing to).

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A toddler kissing a baby, two under two

#2under2 and Why It’s Not As Mental As You Might Think

If you are looking for tips and have a second baby on its way, here are three things I’ve noticed that might help you prepare for two under two.

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A baby with eco friendly and cloth nappies

Eco Nappies and Why You Should Be Using Them

Should you use biodegradable nappies or cloth nappies? Basically, yes. More complicatedly, also yes. You should certainly be using them instead of Pampers, that’s for sure.

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Eco Baby written in sand with a child nearby

Bringing Up An Ecobaby

As father of two kids, I often look back and dream of being so forward looking on the vasectomy front (JOKE! I love my kids please don’t send hate mail). Whilst I care deeply for the environment, I don’t agree we should all just stop reproducing and wait for death. However, I do believe we can all take measures to make our lives more environmentally friendly, and introduce our kids to this concept from the start.

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a baby on a bed

The Freelancing Parent

As a freelance writer parent, I find myself working at home with a toddler every day. Now basically, against all the odds, this is brilliant. Let me tell you why.

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A man and boy with rubber bands on their faces

The 5 best things about being a Dad (that nobody ever admits to)

When you’re preparing to be a Dad, the parenting advice you get is often terrible. Well fellas, buckle up, because here’s the 5 best things about being a Dad.

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