Cry Baby Review

by Jenny

Is your Cry Baby not crying? From tears not working to how to set up and more. Here is our (non-paid for) honest Cry Baby review…

Cry Baby Help & Quick Summary

Firstly, our summary, for those looking for quick answers to our Cry Baby, not working issues and a quick anwsers:

  1. How to make my Cry Baby Cry: you need to push the round (very stiff) button on the back of her head. It’s so stiff, it’s not clear it is a button, so press hard. It sits just under the Cry Baby’s water filling tank hatch.
Cry Baby Back oh Head Button to make cry baby cry
  1. How to turn my Cry Baby on: It arrives on a “Try Me” setting. Unscrew the battery hatch on her back, take out the batteries and slide the button two clicks, towards her bottom. The lowest setting is “on”. She will auto turn off after 1 minute of inactivity to save battery power.
  2. How to turn on my Cry Baby off: Repeat step 2, but slide the button to the middle setting – so one click up, or one-click down, depending on what setting you currently have her on.
  3. Cry Baby Not Working / How do I fix my Cry Baby: Pass! I have changed the battery 3 times. She works for around 30 mins then stops. Her tears don’t work at all as described in the ads. They only work by following the above step 1.
  4. Is a Cry Baby worth the price point: In my opinion… No! It doesn’t work as prescribed. The batteries can’t cope with the amount of play expected. She is too difficult for a child to undress/dress and make cry tears. And, she isn’t robust (her head hatch broke on the first day of play!).
  5. Would I buy again: In saying all of the above, yes I would. Despite her flaws, my toddler absolutely loves her and is playing away with her non-stop, pushing her around in a pram and fussing with her dummy. So, we have a happy toddler. The doll is well designed in terms of looks. She is colourful and bright, and cute. Everything a toddler wants!
Cry Baby Review our unicorn crybaby at home

Our Full our full Cry Baby Review

So, it has to be said, although I was impressed on first opening of the Cry Baby Doll, it rapidly went downhill. Do the makers not understand the need for simplicity and speed when dealing with the best dolls for young children? Clearly not. Plus, to add to the pain, functions didn’t work well (if at all)! But, at the end of the day, even only partially working, once finally in her hands, my toddler was delighted with her Cry Baby. So overall, it was a good buy. But first issues first… here’s our rundown of Cry Baby not working issues and how we resolved them:

Cry Baby Tears Not Working

Firstly, once I had managed to prise our precious cry baby from the box, I discovered (with not much help of instructions) that you need to painstakingly unscrew three tiny screws to remove the batteries, only to have to fathom out how to turn the dolly on. And all with a 3-year-old screeching and grabbing the dolly with excitement.

Finally, after a few stressful tantrums, we were ready to fill her head with water and commence the noise and tears – this time of the Cry Baby doll. Now, much to my toddler’s dismay, we discovered that our Cry Baby tears were not working? We simply couldn’t make our Cry Babies’ tears cry?

How To Make Cry Baby Tears Work

So, I frantically began Googling, all with this annoying doll crooning away and a distraught three-year-old panicking that her doll was broken, and still desperate to play with it.

Finally, I discovered a solution and also found that this was a common complaint. All we had to do was press the button on the back of the head… if only we could find it! Just to be clear. This is the button below…

Cry Baby Back oh Head Button to make cry baby cry
  1. To me, it looked like a speaker outlet or something technical.
  2. And two, it really doesn’t press easily. So it is not clear at all that it is a button at all! So, press hard and the tears will begin. But not for long as we discovered.

For us, our Cry Baby wouldn’t cry tears, unless we kept pumping the button on the back of her head… a button that is too stiff for a toddler to operate themselves, sadly!

Other Cry Baby Issues we had? Well reado on…

Cry Baby Keeps Stopping Working

So after we discovered the tears didn’t work on the crybaby, my toddler decided she still wanted the doll until an hour later, she stopped crying and making noises. So, the screwdriver came out again and the batteries, and in went new ones. And hey presto, she started working again.

Just a case of flat batteries…. until an hour later, it happened again!!

Three sets of batteries later, and so the cycle continued. These dolls are very battery intense and could do with being rechargeable. This for me would make the price point more valuable. Or even if it was easier to get into the back of the doll to replace the batteries if the doll is to be so energy intense.

Cry Baby Water Tank Cover Broke

Next, 3 hours after receiving the doll, Millie accidentally dropped it. Now she is 3 years old… so it wasn’t a long way to fall, but low and behold the cover to the water tank broke. Roll on toddler tears. The sturdiness of the doll is not exactly up to standards to withhold the knocks and drops of a young child.

Cry Baby Review, millie playing with her unicorn crybaby

Clothes Hard To Remove

Finally, for a young childs doll, the clothes are rather hard to remove and replace. After being dropped in the garden (and breaking her head), her white outfit was a little dirty. So, we tried to undress the Cry Baby doll to wash her clothes. Roll on the next tantrum! As said toddler couldn’t remove the Cry Baby clothes herself… and struggle did I! The hands are so spread out that you have a bit of a struggle to remove and replace the outfit. But, it is possible with a bit of fiddling!

Cry Baby Review In Summary

So in summary, the Crybaby isn’t great!!! As she is not overly robust and her core advertised features don’t work properly… if at all! And she is so battery intense, and fiddly to replace the batteries. But, at the end of the day, my toddler absolutely adores her. And she looks super cute! The dolls come with fantastic designs and colours (our unicorn cry baby doll has lovely pink stars on her face) and she is a great size for a toddler. So, would I buy her again…. Believe it or not, but yes I would!

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